MiRTLE® detectors enable rapid, real-time concealed threat detection at stand-off ranges using ultra wide band millimeter wave radio to screen people. Threat detection is autonomously rendered in real time with the user not required to interpret imagery. Threats ranging from Person-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (PBIEDs) to handguns and non-metallic concealed objects can be detected and discriminated from ubiquitous pocket clutter like mobile phones, keys and wallets.

MiRTLE® is available in two versions: tripod mounted MiRTLE 30 for longer standoff distances and handheld MiRTLE 10 for closer distances. MiRTLE® provides a safe, non-invasive way to scan individuals without invading their personal privacy, such as revealing anatomical details.

Applications range from covert screening for concealed handguns at schools, nightclubs, sporting events or on the streets, through to the detection of suicide bombers equipped with a PBIED.

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MiRTLE 10 is a handheld, screening device that uses a millimeter wave radio technique to detect threat materials or objects concealed under clothing up to 10 metres from the operator. By illuminating the target subject with low power, Ultra Wide Band (UWB) millimeter wave energy and analyzing the reflected waveform, the specific nature of the concealed object or material is determined. Because real threats objects such as handguns or concealed explosive devices present different radio signatures than benign objects like mobile phone hand-sets or keys, MiRTLE 10 will alert the operator only to real threats, eliminating confusion from false alarms. MiRTLE 10 is manually aimed by the operator toward a single target subject. This facilitates, non-contact, screening at stand-off ranges. The operator is simply alerted by a color coded indicator display thereby eliminating any operator decision to make “a threat/no threat” decision. Screening is done in real time, and no images are displayed to compromise the privacy of the target subject.

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MiRTLE 30 is a larger, longer range variant of MiRTLE 10. Portable but typically tripod mounted, MiRTLE is manually aimed at target subjects to reliably detect threats at ranges of up to 30 meters. Like MiRTLE 10, the system is entirely autonomous with the operator alerted to a threat or non-threat condition through an unambiguous color coded cursor and/or audible signal. Detection is rendered in real time, with typical detection time of ~ 1 second.

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Intelligent Detection

Intelligent Detection

Alerts operator on threat items while disregarding everyday pocket items such as phones and keys.

Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning

New threats can be added and existing threats can be reclassified on a global basis.

Maintains Privacy

Maintains Privacy

Privacy of target subject is maintained. No body image is created, just an accurate alert of threat or no threat.

Fast & Accurate

Fast & Accurate

Very effective at detecting threats on moving subjects with low false positives and in real-time. 

MiRTLE Use Cases

MiRTLE Line of Sight Crowd Screening

Line of Sight Crowd Screening

Screening of large groups with multiple sensors.

MiRTLE Perimeter Screening

Perimeter Screening

Perimeter screening for high value locations.

MiRTLE Security Checkpoints

Security Checkpoints

High throughput screening.

MiRTLE Transportation Screening


Secondary screening, pre or post security.