Radio Physics Announces MIRTLE Millimeter Wave Threat Level Evaluation

June 2, 2015
MiRTLE Weapons Detector by Radio Physics

MIRTLE is an Innovative Screening Device Enabling Real-Time Detection of Concealed Weapons

Radio Physics today announced the global availability of MIRTLE®, an innovative, new screening technology that enables near instant detection of concealed threat items such as PBIEDs (Person-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices), Guns, Knives including 3D printed weapons from stand-off distances of up to 30 meters. 

MIRTLE is unique in the world of threat detection in that it does not violate the privacy of potential subjects by revealing their physical shape, it only alerts the operator when a threat is present which also serves to eliminate human error from the threat detection equation. Unlike other technologies currently used in security screening, MIRTLE does not require the subject of interest to be static, compliant to instructions, or subjected to a secured or controlled environment. 

MIRTLE can be used either indoors or outdoors and is simply pointed in the direction of the target subject using either a touch screen controller or by physically positioning the device, it then uses harmless, low-power radio signals to identify the shape and reflected signature of concealed items. The adaptive learning capability of MIRTLE enables the device to identify and disregard common pocket items such as cell phones or keys while emitting an alarm notification on specific items that are classified as a threat. 

Acts of terrorism in public places place significant strain on morale and financial resources. The hidden threat of concealed items such as handguns and suicide weapons is a constant concern. The ability to detect items that pose a threat to public safety without violating the privacy of the interrogated subject is a tremendous achievement. The fact that a single MIRTLE device can be deployed at the entrance of a high school, shopping mall, airport concourse or military base to unobtrusively screen people provides tremendous piece of mind without subjecting the public to unnecessary interactions with security personnel.

About Radio Physics 
Radio Physics was founded to develop innovative radio technology systems in security, imaging, and critical communications. Based in the UK and USA, Radio Physics develops technology in collaboration with Counter and Anti-Terror Agencies, Police, and Humanitarian Organizations. Radio Physics is delivering the next generation of intelligent gun and bomb detection systems today.