Radio Physics Demonstrates High Throughput Screening and Random Crowd Auto Tracking Applications for the MiRTLE 30

July 27, 2017

Ely, United Kingdom, July 26, 2017 – Radio Physics has announced today the demonstration of two applications for its concealed threat detection solution – MiRTLE 30. The demonstrations were performed to multiple customers globally including a major law enforcement organization in the UK.

The applications demonstrated were “high throughput screening” and “random crowd auto tracking”

High throughput screening allows un-obstructive detection of up to 800 persons per hour for concealed mass causality threats that might be carried by people. This application requires MiRTLE to be fixed on a predetermined access point. People are then directed to traverse this access point without knowing they are being scanned.

MIRTLE - High Throughput Screening

Random crowd auto tracking allows operators to screen a selected subject in a scene. This application requires operators to select individuals on a screen and MiRTLE will automatically track and scan that individual. The operator can select another individual at any time or go back to the same person or any other individual in the scene. This Auto Tracking solution reduces operator workload and provides reliable scanning of crowds.

MIRTLE - Random Crowd Auto Tracking

About MiRTLE 30
MiRTLE 30 is a long standoff concealed threat detection solution used for detection of mass causality threats such as suicide bombs and large assault weapons out to distances of 30 meters. The system is lightweight, portable quick and easy to set up, and has low power requirements. The system can be deployed in a wide range of applications to protect people and critical infrastructure such as airports, public buildings and large event facilities such as sports venues.

About Radio Physics
Radio Physics designs, manufactures and markets standoff threat detection products and systems. Radio Physics offers the physical security market a new capability breakthrough previously not available in the industry. Radio Physics enables rapid, unobtrusive screening of people for concealed weapons, including guns and suicide bombs, without the need to funnel people through fixed portals or gateways.

Press Contact:
Ed Godere
Radio Physics