Modern Systems for Detection and Neutralization of Threats from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

June 29, 2016

RPS will present MiRTLE in a "Practical demonstration of the Perimeter Surveillance Radar “Spotter RF“, “Droneshield“, Concealed Threat Detection".

Terrorism has become the most pressing problem facing nation states, their governments and their peoples today. All too easily democratic politicians and governments can appear not only powerless but weak and feeble in front of ruthless and determined terrorists who, in their absolute determination to force their perverted creed on an unwilling population using any and all means can appear powerful, and resolute.

Recent terrorist attacks in Europe have demonstrated the weaknesses of security systems and stimulated the search for more advanced and reliable security solutions. The use of remote explosive devices and especially the use of UAVs packed with explosives to attack crowds or strategic sites cause a potential threat to the entire world community. Even people who  y UAVs for entertainment reasons could cause threat, if a UAV fails. Modern UAVs could weigh up to 25 kg, which presents a real threat in case they fall onto the crowd of people or collide with an aircraft. The assessment of potential risks and increasing world tension calls for  nding robust solutions to prevent illegal actions.

The question therefore is what we can do and what we can offer? How can we legally operate the equipment we currently possess and what equipment can we develop that keeps us within the law?]

The answers to at least some of these exceedingly dif cult questions will be highlighted at the workshop.

Date: June 29, 2016
Time: 10.00-18.00
Venue: Army Technical Academy premises
Address: Gen. Sylwestra Kalińskiego 25A 01-476 Warszaw