Board of Directors

Douglas Dundonald - Non Executive Chairman of Board

Douglas is a founder and director of Anglo Scientific and Radio Physics. Previously, Douglas served as an executive board director of Anglo Pacific PLC. When he served as an active member of the House of Lords, Douglas held a position on the council of the Parliamentary Information Technology Committee. He has successfully established two investment organisations, in addition to running his family’s investment company. He has been involved in technology companies both as an investor and director for the last 15 years.

Ed Godere – Chief Executive Officer

Ed is a seasoned business executive with over 17 years of P&L experience with small and medium sized companies. He has a track record of successfully transitioning advanced technologies to products with solid strategic, marketing and operations skills. Prior to joining RPS Ed was the Vice President, North America with Digital Barriers LLC, an advance integrated security solutions provider selling into the US department of Defense, Federal Law Enforcement and commercial security integrators throughout North America. In his previous role Ed was the Senior Vice President for Unmanned Systems at QinetiQ North America where he grew the companies Unmanned Systems business from $6M in annual revenue to $200M in 5 years, providing explosive ordnance disposal robots to the US Department of Defense, state and local law enforcement throughout the US as well as to defense and security agencies in 40 countries around the word, making QinetiQ North America one of the largest suppliers of EOD robots in the world.  Prior to joining QinetiQ North America Ed work in advanced technologies as a program manager in the aerospace and defense industry with Textron.

Vito Levi D’Ancona - Non Executive Director

Vito is a director of Anglo Scientific and a founder/director of a number of the Anglo Scientific companies including Radio Physics, Phasor Inc and Microtest Diagnostics. Prior to joining Anglo Scientific Vito held C-level positions in a number of high growth technology companies in Italy, China, Spain & UK. 

Ricky Posner - Non Executive Director

Ricky is a serial entrepreneur, with proven success in media, telecom and technology sectors. Posner is a Director at Anglo Scientific, a London-based venture firm that identifies groundbreaking scientific research projects; Director of Microtest Matrics Ltd, an in-vitro diagnostics products company; and Director at Phasor Solutions, a novel phased array technology firm. Posner also serves as a Director at a company that builds software tools. Posner is Cofounder, Chief Technology Officer and New Business Director at The IOU Project, an innovative online apparel accessories retailer. Previously, Posner was Managing Director of Warner Bros Pictures International – Spain.